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I'm so glad you found me!  I am an experienced yoga teacher, meditation guide and energy worker.  I love to use gentle movement, sound, crystals and aromatherapy to help you feel your best.

Our Services

Service Descriptions

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Gentle Yoga

I love to practice and teach gentle and restorative yoga.  We use lots of props and seek ease while releasing the stress we don't need.

Meditating Together


Taking time to tune in to yourself and release stress has never been more important.  Guided meditations teach you how to train your mind to be still and find peace.


Sound Meditation

The vibrations and frequencies of various sound therapy instruments may help your own body realign it's own natural frequencies bringing ease and rest.

Reiki Treatment


Reiki is the life force energy of the universe.  During a Reiki session, healing energy is made available for the mind and body to receive in a way that suits each individual best.  It is a calming practice that improves the balance and flow of energy and there by may ease stress. Crystals or sound therapy may be added if desired.  

Release Forms

Below are the forms required before taking a class with me.

Yoga, Meditation, Sound Therapy, Crystals, and Essential Oils may all be  lovely additions to existing healthcare you may be receiving.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition.  Any recommendations on my part are not to be considered prescriptions.  I am not a doctor and will always recommend you visit with your doctor before beginning a new fitness routine and anytime you are ill or have an injury.  

Phone:  (318) 955-0281


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